Monday, February 21, 2011

They're Back!

Even though I was sad and lonely on Friday night, I stayed in Laura's and my room all night and did a good job guarding it so that it would be safe when Laura got back home. And when I woke up from my morning nap on Saturday, there was Laura sitting right beside me!

I was faithful to my snow too. Even when there was only a tiny patch of it left in our yard, I went outside and played with it and told it that I loved it. And my faith was rewarded! It finally turned cold again Friday night, and the snow stopped melting. And Saturday afternoon when Laura and I went out to play, look at what we found:

It's Back!

All of my beautiful snow came back!

Snowy Nose



Life is good.

Winter Wonderland


troutbirder said...

You are so lucky. My owner won't let me sleep in any bed cause he says I'm too big and a GSD (German Shedding Dog). Baloney!
Baron the GSD (German Sweety Dog)

Princess Kendal, Wonder Dog said...

Baron, that is terrible! You must train your people better. Humans are well-meaning (for the most part) but they can be--and I say this in the kindest possible way--a bit thick.

It took me nine years to get my humans to understand that I am a Princess. Nine years! And even then it was only Laura who caught on at first. I had to solicit her help to make everyone else see the truth. (The first one is always the toughest challenge, but once you have one human on your side, you can use her to get to the others. Some humans are not very telepathic. They don't understand the looks we give them. But humans have their own ways of communicating, so it helps to have an advocate who speaks their language.)

Don't give up, Baron. Make your humans understand that the bed is rightfully yours. I know you can do it!