Friday, March 20, 2009

It's BEDTIME, Laura!

Last night Laura didn't go to bed until 10:15 this morning!

Now, before you go on saying, "Princess Kendal, that doesn't make any sense," -- I know!

I know it doesn't make sense. That's my point! Bedtime is supposed to be at bedtime, not after breakfast the next day.

I know when it's bedtime, and I try to tell Laura, but sometimes she gets so busy, she doesn't pay attention.

Friday, March 6, 2009


This afternoon Laura and I were out walking when we saw another dog out for a walk with his human. That other dog was so tired, he had lain down on the sidewalk. Sprawled flat out on his side, he was, too tired to go one more step.

When the other dog heard us coming, however, he lifted his head. Then, when he saw me, he got so excited, he sprang right back up onto his feet again! I said "hello" to him and checked him out to make sure he was okay. Then he was ready to continue on with his walk.

Laura says it is good to be such an inspiration to others.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Towel Games

Towel games are the most fun to play!
Here is how you play them:

First, your human gets the towel and she has to try to throw the towel on top of you.
Your job is to jump out of the way and to grab the towel in your mouth.
If your human succeeds in getting the towel onto you, you have to find a way to get it off. Then you grab the towel and run away, and your human has to chase you!

Towel Games

Sometimes I let Laura think she is winning the towel game.
(It is important to let your human believe this every now and again. You don't want her to get discouraged and stop playing with you!)

Towel Game Victor

Then I take the towel and run and jump onto the futon.
If I can get the towel away from Laura and get onto the futon with it, I win!

Back in the olden days, Laura only used to play towel games with me if I went outside in the rain or the snow or the mud first. Slowly, however, I have been training her to play towel games every time I come back in from being outside. (Why should we miss out on such a fun game, just because the ground is dry and the sun is shining?)

Laura has been getting pretty good at remembering to play towel games with me every time, but sometimes she still forgets, and I have to remind her. This gave me an idea:

Since Laura sometimes forgets about our towel game, maybe I could convince her that she had even forgotten that I'd been outside! I don't always like going outside because it has been cold outside lately, and there is a big step down into our backyard that's scary for a little puppy like me, and the top step even sinks when you step on it -- and that's super scary! I love to play towel games with Laura though, so I tried this:

First I got Laura's attention and got her to open the patio door for me.
Then I waited in the kitchen for a couple of minutes.
Then, once Laura had closed the door again, I ran over to my towel and tried to get Laura to pull it down off its railing.

It didn't work though.
Laura remembered that I hadn't really been outside.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Put Your Left Foot In...

Dancing Princess
Laura and I have a big dance hall in our home in which we like to dance and do yoga.

I'm Ready
I especially like to do yoga.

Yoga Is Easy!
Yoga is easy!

Pig Yoga
Even Piggy likes to do yoga.
Here he is practising his nose stand.
(I am spotting him to make sure he doesn't fall.)

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

All of my beautiful snow is gone again.

I had fun in it while it lasted though:

Snow Angel
I love to make snow angels!

December 2008 Snowfall
It smells like my neighbour Sierra buried something good back here.

December 2008 Snowfall
I wonder what it could be.

December 2008 Snowfall
I'll find that treasure yet!


It's Best to Lead with Your Nose
It's best to lead with your nose.

Fun in the Snow



Laura and I went exploring in our favourite park on Sunday. As you can see, it was a little muddy.

I don't mind getting muddy so much, because it means that, once we get back home, Laura will have to spend a long time playing towel games with me. I love to play games with my towel! It is my favourite toy of all!