Friday, February 18, 2011

All Alone

Everyone has left me.

All my beautiful snow is melting away. My snow that I worked so hard to make sure it knew I appreciated it.

Even when it turned icy and hard, when it was scary to walk on and my toes fell through into sharp holes that hurt my little paw pads, I still went out every day to play with the snow.


Even when it turned wet and slushy, I let it know how much I loved it.

Love Slush

Slushy snow is fun to play in too, and it shouldn't be left out just because it is a little wet.

Love Slush

But it didn't do any good. All of my beautiful snow is leaving me anyway.

Don't Leave

Even Laura has left me. I moved my bed from my special, safe spot under the kitchen table to be in her room so I could help her with her writing, and she still went away.

"I'll be back soon, Princess Kendal," she always says to me. "Don't be sad."

But when is soon? It's bed time already and she's not here! And why does she have to leave me at all? She's always saying how wonderful and good I am.


Please come back! Snow? Laura? I'm here. I'm waiting.

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