Monday, February 21, 2011

They're Back!

Even though I was sad and lonely on Friday night, I stayed in Laura's and my room all night and did a good job guarding it so that it would be safe when Laura got back home. And when I woke up from my morning nap on Saturday, there was Laura sitting right beside me!

I was faithful to my snow too. Even when there was only a tiny patch of it left in our yard, I went outside and played with it and told it that I loved it. And my faith was rewarded! It finally turned cold again Friday night, and the snow stopped melting. And Saturday afternoon when Laura and I went out to play, look at what we found:

It's Back!

All of my beautiful snow came back!

Snowy Nose



Life is good.

Winter Wonderland

Friday, February 18, 2011

All Alone

Everyone has left me.

All my beautiful snow is melting away. My snow that I worked so hard to make sure it knew I appreciated it.

Even when it turned icy and hard, when it was scary to walk on and my toes fell through into sharp holes that hurt my little paw pads, I still went out every day to play with the snow.


Even when it turned wet and slushy, I let it know how much I loved it.

Love Slush

Slushy snow is fun to play in too, and it shouldn't be left out just because it is a little wet.

Love Slush

But it didn't do any good. All of my beautiful snow is leaving me anyway.

Don't Leave

Even Laura has left me. I moved my bed from my special, safe spot under the kitchen table to be in her room so I could help her with her writing, and she still went away.

"I'll be back soon, Princess Kendal," she always says to me. "Don't be sad."

But when is soon? It's bed time already and she's not here! And why does she have to leave me at all? She's always saying how wonderful and good I am.


Please come back! Snow? Laura? I'm here. I'm waiting.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

House Hunting

I had to help Laura look for a new house this week. Not for us though--thankfully. We have moved house enough! Nope. I have my bed in a nice safe corner here, and I can keep an eye on Laura when she is working, and I only have to go right outside our back door to play in my nice, big yard. I like this house that we have already just fine. But we don't want it to get too crowded. There are already three humans living here and one Princess, and that is enough. So when a little mouse tried to move in with us earlier this week we said, "Sorry. That is not going to happen."

Lots of mice are attracted to our house, especially in the winter time, because it is warm and we have peanut butter cookies. Laura says it is good to share the peanut butter with them, because we have lots of food, but she doesn't think we should share our beds. So she puts some peanut butter in a little box and puts the box under the sink, and then all the mice that come to visit us go in there.

At first I thought the little box would be the new home for our house mice. The mice are very small, and the box has peanut butter in it, and a big sky light. I like to watch the mice play through their sky light. They are cute and they smell interesting.

Laura said watching the mice made them nervous, however, and we needed the box back to put fresh peanut butter in it for the next mice who come to visit us. So Laura and I take the mice into the yard to help them find a new home.

I thought the wood pile on the back wall of the house might be a good spot. It is warm in there, and it has lots of fun places in which a little mouse could play hide and seek. Plus, I go by that wood pile every day, so I could keep an eye out for those mice. (Not to scare them. Just to make sure that they are okay.)

Laura wasn't convinced though. She said that once mice find out you have peanut butter they can get lazy. She said if we left the mice in the wood pile by the house they might not bother to build a nest there; they'd just sneak back into our house and make another play for ours!

That seemed pretty cheeky to me, but I guess mice can be cheeky. Laura would know better than me as she has more experience with them. She had a bunch of mice try to share her office with her one time. They would camp out under her desk while she was sitting at it, and when she left the room, they sometimes climbed on top of her desk, danced on her keyboard, and left little love notes for her on her computer.

Those mice made a nest for themselves inside one of the computers. The computer didn't like that very much so it went on strike. And its manufacturer said, "Sorry. Damage caused by rodent piss on the motherboard is not covered in the warranty."

So, anyway... no mouse hotel in the big wood pile. Instead, we took that little mouse down to the brush pile by the shed. I cannot see inside the brush pile very well in the winter because it is covered in snow, but Laura said it should make a fine home for our little visitors and hopefully it would be easier for them to build a nest in the brush pile than find their way all the way back to our peanut butter. Me, I'm not so sure. Our peanut butter is very yummy, and--I love Laura, but let's face it: she doesn't have a very good track record with convincing small animals to stay away from her. But--so long as I don't have to move house again or give up my bed--I'm willing to try Laura's plan for now.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Princess

I love the winter time.

Winter Wonderland

It is so much fun to play in the snow.

Snow Play

Especially when there is lots and lots of it, and you can bury your whole face in it.

Dive Right In

Snow feels so soft and cool on your face.

But not everybody loves snow. When I look around, I see people griping and complaining about it.

Looking Around

That makes me sad. If people were always saying mean things about me like they say about snow, I would be sad and run away. I don't want my snow to run away! So everyday I make sure to tell it how much I love it with a big hug.

Snow Hugging

And a kiss.

Snow Kissing

A french kiss!

Snowy French Kiss

(Tee hee!)

I was worried back in December because our snow was so shy about coming out to play. We would have just the barest whisper come and visit us, and then it would run away again. But I made sure to run all over the yard every day and tell that snow how much I love it. And it worked! Now lots and lots of snow has come to play with me and we frolic and have fun every day!

Having Fun

If you have snow visiting you where you live, I hope you remember to appreciate it and to have fun!