Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Invasion of the Bed Snatchers

Laura is finished her 50K. Finished. Yet she's still writing! She says National Novel Writing Month isn't over yet, so she needs to keep going. Plus, the story isn't finished yet.

I've tried to be supportive. I've tried to be understanding. But this is getting to be a bit much. She's even bringing that blasted machine into the bed with us now!

Invasion of the Bed Snatchers

How is a puppy supposed to sleep with that monster in the bed?

Invasion of the Bed Snatchers

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Confessions of a Wrimo Widow -- Week One

Here we are. One week into November. Laura is well ahead of her required word count and yet still she sits at her computer all day, pounding away on those keys. She would have more time to play with me if she truly wrote with the wild abandon that one is supposed to use for National Novel Writing Month, but you know Laura. She wants to write something that's actually good.

So I try to be patient. I sleep lots. This I don't mind, so long as I can sleep beside Laura. Sometimes she goes to the library to write, however, and that makes me sad. Most of the time she is still home, working on her computer, just like any other day, however. The biggest changes have been to our schedule.

For some reason, Laura believes that getting out of bed at an obscene hour of the morning is key to one's novelling success. (I don't mind that she wants to go to bed early as well, but I ask you: Is there really ever any reason to get out of bed before noon?)

I wasn't so sure about this whole getting up before the sun gig. The first time Laura did it, I thought she was joking and just stayed in bed. The next day, however, I thought I should follow her and make sure she was okay.

It turns out, she was only going into the living room, where she rolled out her nice red mat. I know what those thin mats are for. I've been camping before. I picked a good spot beside Laura and settled right back down to sleep.

Helping Laura do Yoga

Laura was more restless than I, unfortunately. How's a princess supposed to get her beauty sleep with all of these crazy calisthenics going on overhead?

Helping Laura do Yoga