Friday, June 22, 2007

Cherry Picking

Last night Laura was busy making cherry pies.

It was hard to find enough cherries to make the pies because we share our cherry tree with a lot of birds and the birds are greedy and kind of rude too. When I eat a cherry, I make sure to enjoy the whole thing, but the birds take a nibble here, a peck there, and they leave our tree littered with half-eaten, rotting cherries. Yuck!

Fortunately, Laura and I are good cherry pickers, and we found enough cherries for four pies! Laura picked the cherries high up in the tree, because she is taller than me

and I concentrated on the cherries that were lower down

(My head is so low to the ground anyhow, I figure it is my responsibility to collect up the fallen cherries so that Laura doesn't have to stoop down to pick them up. I always try to be helpful in whatever ways I can!)

When Laura had collected all the cherries she could reach from climbing in the tree and from our little step ladder, she went and borrowed the neighbour's extension ladder. It is really big and it scared me, so I went inside while Laura was doing that part, but she found enough cherries for an extra pie from using the tall ladder, so I guess it was worth it.

When my brother Ashton was still alive, I learned that it is good to share things, so, later that evening, when Laura and I went out for our walk, I planted a whole pile of cherry trees on the neighbour's lawn for them. Laura said the neighbours didn't want our cherries, however, (I don't know why. They are VERY yummy cherries.) so she scooped up every last seed and dumped them in a garbage can. Humans are so wasteful.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy Weekend - Part 2

On Sunday, we went to Rondeau Provincial Park. Everyone was very quiet on the nature trail, but we didn't see any of the protornotary warblers who are said to nest there. I was sad about that, because my Dad and I both like to watch birds, but we did see a chipmunk and lots of pretty native flowers such as raspberry blossoms, columbine, and oxeye daisies -- just like Laura and I have in our garden.

After the nature trail, John and his family went to the beach. The park people are mean and don't allow doggies on the beach. This made me sad because I wanted everyone to be together, but my Dad couldn't go on the beach either because his wheelchair would get stuck in the sand, so we went for a walk elsewhere.

Laura tried to make me go in the water away from the people's beach, but I thought she was crazy. The water was COLD! Plus, I didn't think it was proper for a princess to be out in public looking like a drowned rat. (I love Laura very much, but she has some funny ideas sometimes. Like: everytime we have a major thunderstorm, Laura goes outside and DANCES IN THE RAIN!) Chacun a son goût, I suppose. Me, I prefer to lie in the sun!

Now everyone is back home (well, except for Laura and I who are still trying to sell our home and find a new one -- please let me know if you can help with that!). Laura is back to work on her computer, and I am resting up from my busy weekend adventures.

Until next time...

Busy Weekend

Hello friends!

It has been a busy weekend for Princess Kendal and friends.

Brother John and his family were visiting us, and I had to go out and about in the community to greet my many admirers.

On Saturday, we went to a park in Morpeth. There were lots of animals there, including this Triceratops:

Now, I thought Triceratops were coloured with all the colours of the rainbow so I was a bit confused by this strange creature that guarded the entrance to the park, but I soon found out that many of the animals in Morpeth have had all the colour bleached out of them.

There were white swans there

and white pea fowl

and even white racoons!

The star attraction of the park, however, was...

You guessed it! Me, me, me!
Everyone wanted to stroke my fur and be my friend -- and why not? I am beautiful, and I don't bite or spit (unlike some of the animals at the park), and I am a princess! Everyone likes to be in the presence of royalty.

It was a hot day, and hard work giving audience to so many of my admiring fans. I had to climb up this tall tower with Laura to look out over my lands

and Laura forgot to bring my water bottle so I had to drink from John's pop can

(on which I cut my tongue -- ouch!) but it is important when you are a princess to try to keep all of your people happy, so I walked about the whole grounds, greeting everyone who wished an audience with me, then I retired to a nice shady spot on the lawn with my Dad

for a rest, but still holding court.

After that, I retired to my castle for a good night's sleep. I needed to be fresh and well-rested for the next day's adventures, which proved to be another day of visiting the surrounding community and making new friends.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Laura Came Back!

Yesterday, Laura went away in the car.
And she didn't take me with her.

I am always sad when Laura goes away, but especially when she goes away in a car because Laura wouldn't drive anyplace unless it was really far. Laura says we should walk everywhere we can because burning fossil fuels in our cars is bad for the planet and it's bad for people too. Me, I like to go for car rides because I am a princess -- but Laura says that princesses have to try extra hard to set a good example for the common people.

I guess Laura must be correct because she is really smart. (Laura even recognized that I am a princess, even when no one else could see the truth!) So I try to be brave and strong and walk with Laura wherever I can. One day, we even walked to Shrewsbury (and back!)! But I digress...

Yesterday Laura went away in the car and didn't take me, so I knew she would be gone a long time.... but she came back late last night! She was really tired and dirty, so I washed the mud off her legs for her.

Laura had been to London to work in our garden. She says it has less green in it now.

That makes me sad.
It makes Laura sad too.
Our home is in an environmentally significant area so Laura has worked hard to maintain the property in accordance with ecologically friendly stewardship practices. Since we don't have a car, these efforts included allowing native plants such as wild red raspberries, violets, enchanter's nightshade and goldenrod to live in our driveway. Now we need to sell the house, however, and Laura says the house will probably sell to someone who owns a car, and those people get upset by the amount of wonderful life in our driveway -- so Laura had to take it all out.

Today our realtor is hosting an open house in our home. Hopefully someone really nice will see our house and our garden and love them as much as we do and buy the propterty. Then Laura and I can find a new place to live! (Right now, I have to stay with my Mum & Dad while we are trying to sell the house, which means that Laura and I cannot be together all the time, which makes me sad.)

Maybe you would like a nice home in London? It is a two bedroom bungalow in Wortley Village with a bright, spacious interior. Laura and I have hosted lots of wonderful feasts in this big room:

so the house has wonderful energy because of all of the good people who have been in it:

and it's in a good neighbourhood. I am sad that we have to leave it. (But maybe it could be a good home for you!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Kendal and, as I'm sure you can tell, I am a princess.

Because I am a princess I get to sleep in a real bed and I have big thick cushions to rest upon during the day. They used to be my brother Ashton's cushions. He had to have them side-by-side because he was a big dog, but I am smaller so I have them stacked one on top of the other. This makes for a thicker and cushier throne, as is befitting a princess.

I have a very important job which I take seriously. My job is to look after my friend Laura. It is a tough job sometimes because Laura spends so much time on her computer, but I always try to do my best. I keep my throne right beside Laura's desk, so I can sit with her and keep her company while she is working. I also remind her to eat dinner and let her know when it is bed time.

I'm not always sure if I'm doing enough, so last week I tried a new thing to be even more helpful:

Laura said she really appreciated my efforts but she thought my talents were going to waste as a lap dog. She said, since I am so smart and so good, I should have my own blog. So, here it is!

I'm going to use this blog to try to keep you all apprised of my adventures and my thoughts on things that are important. You can all post comments too, to give me tips on how I can do my job better, or just to say hello, or to let me know about what is important to you.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you like my blog and you come back soon!