Monday, February 2, 2009

Me and Claire

Best Friends

This is a picture of me and my friend Claire.
See. She really does love me.

This is how it's supposed to be when Laura hosts a party:
Laura cooks food and entertains the other guests, but I get to sit with Claire!

Kendal & Claire


Claire didn't come to my party.

I tried not to be angry because Laura said it wasn't Claire's fault.
She said it wasn't even Loretta's fault.
(Sometimes that Loretta comes to visit Laura and she doesn't bring Claire with her and then I do get mad because Loretta knows that I love Claire and she is supposed to bring her to visit me!)
But Laura said Loretta tried to bring Claire to our party, and they didn't make it because there was too much snow.

I don't really understand that.
Snow is fun.
More snow equals more fun.
Sometimes there is so much snow, the snow is taller than I am! But I still go out exploring in it.
Laura says it is different when you are driving a car though. She says snow isn't very much fun then.

Anyhow... I tried not to be angry, because you shouldn't be angry at people unless they really deserve it.
And I tried not to be sad.

But I was sad.

I really love Claire and I miss her and Laura promised Claire would come to our party and then she didn't.

No One Will Play With Me

It is hard to live so far away from your friends.