Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Me-Me, On the Beach!

Last week Laura and my Dad and I went to the beach.

Sunday at the Beach

Usually it is difficult for my Dad to go to the beach because of all that sand, but they had a boardwalk at this beach:

Boardwalk to the Beach

and a nice wooden sun deck:

Beach Viewing Platform

Do you see where Laura has left her shoes?

Guess Where Laura Is

And do you know why?

She went in the lake.
In May.
And she made me go in too!
It was COLD.

You know how Laura is about water though.

Me, I prefer a nice sunny spot with a cool, clear bowl of water nearby.

I Like the Sun

On our way to the beach, Laura and my Dad wanted to eat at a nearby restaurant, but the waiter there was mean and refused to serve us. I was sad because the waiter said it was my fault, but Laura said not to mind. She said we didn't need that stinky old restaurant anyway.

Laura is a good cook. She makes good food, like this yummy Seafood Linguine that she created tonight. (So there, you mean waiter you! We don't need you! We have better food at home.)

Monday, June 2, 2008


We've been putting oranges out in our yard for the Orioles.

The first orange had orioles at it all day long, and a hummingbird too. Recently, however, we've not seen orioles or hummingbirds in the yard -- yet the oranges were still being picked clean in a day or two.

Surely it wasn't insects sucking up all that juice, we thought.

Now we know!