Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When she got there the cupboard was bare!

Sorry I haven't written in so long. It's been a crazy summer.

Laura and I have been trying to move house. That meant that Laura was away a lot, looking for a new place to live and getting things ready so that we could move there and when she was home she was packing all of our stuff and loading it up into a big van and then she was gone again. I have to use Laura's computer to post these blog entries and I need Laura's help to do that and she wasn't available much. Anyhow... we are in our new place now, so I'm back.

Laura says this is a good place to live, but I'm not so sure yet.

Yesterday I ate up the last of my nice lamb and rice kibble for my dinner. Laura said not to worry because this is such a good place to live, there is a 24 hour A&P really close by and they sell my yummy dinner there. She said she would pick up a new bag on her way home from class.

Well, Laura went off to her class, and I was a very good dog and guarded the sofa while she was out so no monsters could come and carry it off, and then Laura came back home again -- without any food. They had a sale at the A&P and people had bought up all of my nice dinner.

Laura says this is a good place to live because we have nice neighbours here, but I don't think it was very neighbourly to buy up all of the lamb and rice kibble for themselves and leave none for me!

I try not to be greedy. I don't ask for a lot. But moving house is hard work. I burned up many calories watching Laura carry all of that stuff around. I need to eat something and I'm not so polyphagous as Laura. I'm just a little puppy dog with a sensitive stomach and I need my lamb and rice.

Laura said not to worry. She said she would go back to the store today. Maybe they would have some more food in before dinner time. Then she let me help her make chicken curry, so I wouldn't feel so bad.

I love to help Laura cook, and I am a good helper! Especially when she makes dishes with mango in them.

Mango is very yummy and it smells so good and the squirrels think so too. Mangoes also have a big stone in the middle of them, which you cannot eat. It's difficult to get all of the nice mango flesh off of the stone, but if you put the stone out in the compost with some of the yummy part still on it, the squirrels will smell it and dig through your compost to get it and make a big mess all over the lawn. So I always help Laura when she is cooking with mangoes by making sure that stone is very clean before it goes in the compost. Sometimes it takes a long time to get the stone clean, but I don't mind. Like I said before, I am a good helper, and I always try to do my best.

Chef's Assistant

This morning Laura had some of the yummy chicken curry that I helped her make for her breakfast. Laura said the curry was very good, and I knew she was happy I had helped her because there was no compost on our lawn. Then, this afternoon, Laura went back to the store, just like she had promised, to get some dinner for me.

They still didn't have any of my dinner at the A&P, so Laura went on to Zellers, but they were all sold out too. So Laura went to Canadian Tire. Still no luck. Everywhere had lots of other kinds of dog food, but nobody had my lamb and rice. Laura even hiked out to the No Frills, which is far away for carrying home my big bag of dinner, but Laura loves me so she went the distance. Alas, they didn't have any there either.

Meanwhile, my tummy was starting to get very grumbly. It was seven o'clock and the sky was getting dark and menacing and Laura still wasn't home.

Finally Laura came back with a big huge bag. It didn't look like my dinner, but Laura said it was still lamb and rice, just a different kind. A more expensive kind -- which is hard right now because we don't have very much income -- but Laura said I am worth it. (And I am!)

So I had my new, special, princess food for dinner tonight -- and it was very yummy!
Maybe this will be a good place to live after all.