Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fly Catching

I learned something new today.

Those of you who know me know how much I like to be helpful. I especially like helping my friend Laura. Well, one of the things that I do to help Laura is that I catch flies for her. When Laura is working, I don't want those flies to bother her. They are not supposed to come in our house, so when they do, I catch them and I eat them. Well...

Today Laura was making me my dinner, and a big nasty fly came into our kitchen. I did not want that fly to bother Laura while she was getting my dinner ready, so I chased after it and I caught it... and it bit me back!

Flies are not supposed to do that. They just buzz around and annoy people until I catch them and eat them. But not this fly. This fly hurt my mouth so much I had to spit it out. There it lay on the kitchen floor on its back, kicking its feet in the air. Laughing at me.

Laura was really mad. She was so mad at that fly, she took one of my candy jars and she smashed it into the fly. She smashed it and she smashed it and she ground that fly into the linoleum so it wasn't laughing anymore and it could never bite me again. Then she scraped up that nasty fly and threw it in the garbage.

Note to self: Next time, leave the yellow and black striped flies for Laura to deal with.