Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kendal's First Camping Adventure - Day 2 - Private Beach

The end of South Point Trail meets up with the end of Harrison Trail, but Laura and I walked out along Lakeshore Road for a bit so we could return to the dog beach.

South View from the Dog Beach

It's nice having this little beach all to ourselves -- kind of like having our own private beach in Rondeau Park!

The Dog Beach, Rondeau Provincial Park

There are fewer flies here than at South Point Beach too. (Perhaps it was the dead fish?)

Laura and I stopped for a rest and some lunch. Laura had yummy apple spice cake that she made with apples from our Mum and Dad's tree, and I had special all natural veal treats that the nice people at Home County Folk Festival gave to me. (When you are a rock star people feed you all kinds of wonderful things!)

Laura exchanged the memory card in our camera while we were sitting on the beach and I dug out a nice cool spot for a nap in the sand.

Kendal's Happy Place

We saw lots of gulls


some cormorants

Dark Birds Flying Over Dog Beach

cute little brown and white sanderlings that ran along the edge of the beach


and some white terns with bright orange beaks, black wing tips and faces, and black under their tails. The beaks were noticeable because these birds flew with them pointing straight down. (Fishing, Laura thought.)

A small brown butterfly came to visit us while we were lying in the sand but it was camera shy and flew away when Laura picked up her equipment.


Anonymous said...

Audi and my sister Annie live very close to Kendal's private beach,aka Dog Park. Every day when Pam takes us for a walk we pick up all kinds of interesting smell's. Maybe someday we will meet Kendal? We are both therapy dogs, and Pam takes us to hospitals and nursing homes, but we get to play often. Now we get to play in the snow.

Princess Kendal, Wonder Dog said...

I love to play in the snow!