Friday, September 14, 2007

Sparse Blogging

Apologies for my sparse blogging in recent weeks.

Once Laura and I got thick into the packing up of our old house, it was difficult to get time on the computer.

Once all our furniture was taken away

our house looked empty

very empty

very, very empty

and we didn't have a work station for our computer anymore.

At least we kept this futon:

Moving house is hard work!

Finally, everything was packed (or given away). Laura brought home a big white van and our friend Pam came over and helped her load it up. (I helped by guarding our bedroom while Laura and Pam were packing the van.) Once the van was filled to the roof, Laura and I scrambled in. That van was very high and I had a big jump to get in, but I did it! Then Laura and I were off to our new home...

... where Laura had to turn around and unload everything from the van again -- this time with the help of our Mum and our new neighbour Adrian. Then Laura had to return the van to London, followed by our Mum who drove Laura and the rest of our stuff to our new home in my Daddy's van.

Moving house is a long haul and sometimes feels like a never-ending battle, but Laura is very experienced at it now and she got everything done.

We found a new corner for my nice cushions:

and got to work setting up our new home:

Finally, Laura dug out a corner and set up our computer again:

It was hard to find space for our computer with all of those apples!

There is a big ol' apple tree where we are living now and it rains down thousands of apples every fall. Laura has been making lots of things with apples: apple cider, maple-apple wine, apple juice, apple strudel, apple spice cake, apple egg custard tart - I will let her tell you about all of that. My favourite thing to do with apples is to find a nice big shiny one and share it with my friend Laura!

Once our computer workstation was set up, Laura was monopolizing it to do work for her clients. Then Laura and I went away on a camping adventure. We were away from our computer for four whole days!

Anyhow, we are back home now, resting up from our adventures.

I will post more pictures soon and let you know all about our fabulous camping trip in my next few posts.

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