Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm a Rock Star!

Yesterday, Laura and I went back to Home County for two more concerts.

First, we got to hear more from the Sirens, Twilight Hotel and a new (to me, that is, Laura heard them perform last summer at Summerfolk) band called Dala. Then came the big, exciting, finale:

For the last daytime concert ("workshop", Laura says they are called) of the festival, there was a huge crowd. People were packed in many rows deep, out to the sides all the way between the sidewalk and the vendors' tents, and even wrapped around behind the stage. Laura and I were sitting less than one metre from the stage, and we weren't even the front row! (Laura says that has NEVER happened at a Home County stage before!)

Dala were back onstage again with Andrea Koziol (a performer Laura actually hadn't heard before!), Catherine McInnes (most excellent Artistic Director of Home County), Mae Moore, Tannis Slimmon, and ME!

For real! Tannis invited whoever wanted to go onstage and join her for her last song to do so, so I did!

Lots of people came onstage to sing with us. They were all taller than me, however, and I couldn't reach the microphone, so I danced for everybody instead. (Laura says it is always good to dance, and I knew that Tannis would appreciate dancing because she and Mae danced for one of Andrea's songs earlier in the concert.)

I was such a good dancer that one of the ladies in the audience came down to the front of the stage and asked me if I would dance with her. Of course, I did! (When you are a rock star, it is important to come down off the stage sometimes and dance with your fans!)

Afterwards, everyone was happy with our performance and applauded wildly. Maybe I should plan a tour for next summer. Do you think I would need an agent?

After the concert, Laura wanted to say hello to Tannis, so I finally got to meet her! I have been listening to her music for many years and, it turns out, Tannis has been reading my stories (she said I am a very funny writer!) but we didn't get to meet face to face until yesterday!

(Laura forgot that I had written about Tannis' music before. She told her, no, my Home County blog posts were the only time I had written about her, but Tannis was correct. When Ashton and I published our journal about our Adventures at Camp five years ago, I wrote about all of the music that we danced to at Camp, and Tannis' CD was one of my favourites!)

After we said goodbye to Tannis, and Tannis promised to come back to London and visit us again soon, I got to meet Mae Moore! Laura really likes her music and wanted to thank her for coming out to London and performing at our festival, so I got to meet her too!

It turns out that not only is Mae a wonderful person and musician, but she is smart too! She said that I am a very good dog. She only got to spend two afternoons with me (and they were busy afternoons for Mae, remember, because she had to perform and all both days) but she saw already how good I am!

Mae lives further away from us than Tannis, but I hope that I will get to see her again too!

Now the festival is over and we are back at home. Laura is back to work on her computer and I am resting up after my exciting weekend and stage debut.

Until next time...

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