Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kendal's First Camping Adventure - Day 3 - Spice Bush Trail

The Marsh Trail is a super long trail that just ends in the middle of the marsh. There is nowhere to go from there, save hike back along the same path that we took into the marsh, so that's what we did. Before we left the marsh behind, I made sure to have a good roll in the marsh's scrumptious tall grass!

Now this is Grass!

Then we were back at the entrance to the Marsh Trail. The day was still young and we were feeling good, so we decided to hike down to Bennett Avenue and complete the final two trails. (Laura said that if we did all of the trails in two days, we could do whatever we wanted on the next day!)

Spice Bush Trail was pretty with lots of ferns and wildflowers on the forest floor. It was pretty easy to get around that trail too. I think it should be marked as a "barrier free" trail like the Tulip Tree Trail is. My Dad would like this trail.

We didn't see any animals on the Spice Bush Trail, just lots of plants and bugs. (Laura thought the birds may all have taken shelter as a wild storm was blowing up as we hiked this trail.)

None of the bugs bothered us. Even the mosquitos stayed away today! Laura's pesto with lamb and rice meal did the trick! (Laura had her pesto with whole wheat rotini pasta.)

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