Friday, September 14, 2007

Kendal's First Camping Adventure - Day 1 - Preparations

Laura was busy in the kitchen today.

She baked Apple Spice Cake and a batch of my favourite cookies. Then she started putting various food stuffs into little pots and packing them into a big red cooler.

"Today we are going camping!" Laura said.

Laura brought some strange things up from the basement and she packed some clothes into a big yellow bag. It's worrisome when Laura packs clothes into anything other than her wardrobe because packing clothes into bags means that Laura is going away and I don't like it when Laura goes away, but today Laura said not to worry. Today we were going on a special adventure -- Laura and I together. Today we were going camping!

Well, Laura says it's not REAL CAMPING. For REAL CAMPING you have to leave your car behind and pack your gear into a canoe and paddle across a big lake then haul your gear on your back across a portage then cross another lake and preferably another portage... and you have to be the only people camped on your lake. If anyone else is on the same lake as you, they're too close.

This isn't that kind of camping.

Today when Laura was finished packing our gear, she loaded it into my Dad's van. I ran and jumped into the van right away to show Laura that I was ready!

The gear took longer than me to pack and my Mum and Dad took longer still but eventually we were all in the van and we set off for Rondeau Provincial Park.

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