Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kendal's First Camping Adventure - Day 2 - Rondeau Road Life

South Point Trail is not only the longest trail at Rondeau but also the furthest from our camp. We had to walk 4.5km down Rondeau Road just to get to the start of the trail. It was a nice walk though, down a beautiful tree-lined boulevard. This pretty Black Swallowtail butterfly escorted us part of the way down Rondeau Road and obligingly alighted on a nearby leaf when Laura asked if we could take its photograph.

We saw lots of flowers along the side of the road. White asters and purple asters and yellow woodland sunflowers. Thistles taller than Laura. Ferns and mosses. Fields of golden rod and thickets of raspberries even larger than the one Laura and I left behind in London. We saw grapes and white berries and red berries and pink berries. Blue bells and pretty orange flowers as well as big orange spiders and tiny orange toadstools.

This fuzzy bumblebee was feasting merrily on pollen from the woodland sunflowers:

On South Point Trail we saw more of all the same plants. Lots of different trees with old grape vines gnarled and twined around their branches. We heard a lot of birds too, and saw some, but they were all moving too quickly to photograph - save for the pair of big birds we saw walking on the path ahead of us -- but they left the path before we could get too close.

We saw a pretty blue butterfly too. He was small and light blue all over but camera shy.

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