Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kendal's First Camping Adventure - Day 2 - Fields of Gold

On the back end of South Point Trail we passed through some tall reeds and blue grasses.

Look up
Look Up

Look WAY up!
Look Way Up

Then we walked through fields of gold...

Walking Through Fields of Gold

and orange!







The monarchs loved these beautiful woodland sunflowers and goldenrod.

A pretty little Clouded Sulfur paused long enough to have its picture taken

Clouded Sulphur

as did this delicate Cabbage White

Cabbage White

Then Laura's camera ran out of memory!

She was worried about the batteries running out on us because they weren't fully charged when we left home and Laura only has the one set for this camera, but the first thing to go was the memory card. On our first full day too!

Fortunately, Laura had brought along a spare memory card. It needed wiping, however, so we chewed up some more battery power doing that, but we'll hopefully be able to squeeze out a few more pics for you before the juice runs out.

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