Friday, September 14, 2007

Kendal's First Camping Adventure - Day 1 - Making Camp

I was happy that everyone came in the van with us because I like the whole family to be together but, once we got to our camp site, Laura unloaded all of our gear and then Mummy and Daddy drove away. I guess my Mum doesn't like camping because there are BUGS here!

Anyhow... I was still happy because I got to stay with Laura. I wasn't really sure what was going on because I have never been camping before, but Laura really loves camping so I knew it must be something good.

The first part to camping - after you get to your camp site, which is supposed to take more work that it did today - is to clear all of the acorns and rocks and twigs from a big piece of ground. Then you errect a big dome on that spot. (Laura says that, if we were REAL CAMPING, it would be a smaller dome, but, since we are cheating this week, she brought her big "folk festival tent".)

After you erect your "tent", you roll out your bed inside your tent. Then, if there is room, you can put your clothes in the tent too. Toothpaste and soap and food all stay outside the tent. Laura put ours on a picnic table in the big red cooler and in a big tote. (Laura says that is cheating too. She says that if we were REALLY CAMPING we would have to put all of our food and other smelly stuff in a bag and hang the bag from a tree.)

Next, you have to gather firewood. Laura and I went for a walk to a house where there was a lady who gave us a big bag of firewood in exchange for a piece of paper. Laura said that was cheating too -- but the lady said I was "the most beautiful dog" so I decided I don't mind all of this cheating so much.

After gathering firewood it was time to have our dinner. I had kibble with my special candies that keep my coat shiny and beautiful. Laura had curried chicken salad and apple spice cake. I licked my bowl clean and then I helped Laura to wash her dishes too. I am a good camper!

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