Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kendal's First Camping Adventure - Day 2 - Homeward Bound

After resting up at the beach, Laura and I walked back to the junction of South Point Trail and Harrison Trail and started the trek back to camp along Harrison. When we got to the Visitor Centre, we took a short detour for the loop around Tulip Tree Trail. (Laura thought we might as well do it today, since we were already in the neighbourhood.)

We saw the nesting boxes of Rondeau's famous prothonotary warblers along the Tulip Tree Trail, but the tenants were not at home. We did see a person on the Tulip Tree Trail, however -- our first in our trail travels this week! -- and two more on the northern half of Harrison Trail.

What else did we see on our journey's today?

Two chipmunks, three black squirrels, a bird of prey (not sure what type, it flew overhead and was lost quickly in the canopy of trees, but it was dark and massive and beating its wings loudly -- we think burdened down with a fresh catch) and an itsy bitsy little snake (black with yellow stripes along its sides and not more than 18 inches long, this little critter crossed our path on Harrison Trail).

We also saw lots of flies today, and mosquitos. Did I mention the mosquitos? The trails were swarming with them and Laura and I apparently the only suitable blood supplies in sight. Laura says we clearly have not been consuming enough garlic lately. She is making us pesto for dinner.

When we finally made it back to Oak Grove (that's the name Laura has given to our camp) we had hiked 24kms! That's the farthest I have ever walked in one day and I was tired! Laura stretched out a blue tarp on the ground in the middle of Oak Grove and put my bed on it for me. Then I rested and listened to the blue jays causing a ruckus overhead while Laura started the fire.

Oak Grove Day Bed

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