Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dance On My Friends

Hi everybody!

It's me, Princess Kendal.


I know I haven't written very much lately. It's been hard, because Laura has been real busy, and I need her to help me type. Plus I've been tired. But I wanted to write to you all one last time.

First I want to say: I'm not really upset about the roller derby. I don't like it when Laura is away from me, but I know she loves her roller derby, and I want her to be happy. So I guess I love it too.


I didn't get to meet many of Laura's derby people but I know they must be good people because Laura loves them (and Laura has high standards!). I think it's going to be okay that I won't be around to protect Laura anymore because I have seen pictures of those derby girls. They are fierce! They will do a good job protecting Laura for me.

fierce roller girls

Second: I know I haven't got to see most of you very much since moving to the Booming Metropolis. Laura says that's because the BM is so far away from everyone. That's why she hates it here. But I haven't hated it.

Butterfly Watcher

well deserved rest

I've missed my friends, but I've liked having all of my family together.

PK & Dad

And I've liked it when my friends came to visit me here.

Hand Massage

(Especially last month when my bestie Claire came to visit me for TWO WHOLE DAYS!)

Best Friends

Nap Time

Anyhow... Laura is able to travel better than me, so maybe she will be able to visit you all more now.

Laura and I have had a good run at things, haven't we?

best friends

Helping Laura do Yoga

helping Laura write


Six String Nation Guitar

Six String Nation Guitar

Camp NaNoWriMo

I've tried real hard to be brave and strong and to do a good job of looking after Laura. But I'm tired now.

New Bed

I think I've done the best that I can.

Laura says it is okay for me to say goodbye now. She was sad when she said it. But Laura's really smart, and I know she wouldn't lie to me. So it must be true.

So goodbye.

Safe Inside

Be good to one another. Don't get so stressed out by life's craziness that you miss all the joy in simple things.

Fun in the Snow

When you think of me, remember me dancing.

dancing with friends

All my love,
Princess Kendal, Wonder Dog
June 12, 2013


Princess Kendal, Wonder Dog

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