Tuesday, July 3, 2007

False Start

Today was going home day.

When we woke up this morning, Laura took my special travelling blankets off the bed and washed them. Then she took the big blanket off our bed and washed it. Then she stripped the sheets from our bed and washed them. Then she rolled up the whole bed!

All day I couldn't lie in our bed because it wasn't there anymore! I was a bit worried about that, but Laura said it was okay. She said today we were going home.

After the laundry, Laura started packing up all of her stuff. She packed up all of her clothes. She packed up all of her papers. She even packed up her computer!

I tried really hard not to be worried because Laura said everything was okay -- but Laura packed up her computer! That means for sure she was leaving and everytime Laura leaves I have to stay behind because we are selling our house.

Laura said this time was different though. She said the house is sold so we can move back into it now. (I'm not quite sure how that works, but Laura is really smart so I'm sure she has everything all figured out.) Laura said we were going home -- Laura and me both together. She packed up my food and my blankets and all of my toys. Then she started to load everything into the van.

I ran and jumped into the van and took my spot by the front seats. Laura said I was going with her -- but I wanted to make sure. No mistakes. No forgetting me. No leaving me behind. I was going to be in that van with Laura today when it left. We were going home.

Finally, everything was packed. Laura got in the van and our Mum got in the van and I was already in the van (of course!) and nobody said I had to get out. We closed up all of the doors and started the van's engine. And there was a nasty, horrible, smell.

Gasoline, said Laura. The van smelled of gasoline.

We drove down the driveway and onto the street, but the smell didn't go away.
Mum was worried because she didn't know what was wrong and it was too late to go to the garage and London is far away. We didn't want to be stranded on the highway!

Laura said we should drive around the block and go back to the house. If the van was leaking fuel, we would be able to see marks on the driveway where it fell. So that's what we did. No one had to inspect the driveway for gasoline stains when we got home, however. As soon as we started backing the van onto the driveway, Laura saw the trail of gasoline we had been leaving on the road.


Laura unpacked the van and brought everything back inside.

In our home in London, it is nice and quiet and peaceful -- and our bed is there! -- but we are not. Laura and I are still stuck in Blenheim.

So much for going home day.

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