Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Last night when Laura and I went for our walk, everybody wanted to be near me! All of the children wanted to pet me, and the big people kept saying how beautiful and sweet I am. Then, when we got to the park, there were four other dogs there, all of whom came running the moment they saw me! I had to get Laura to work crowd control for me!

On the way home, a man sitting on the steps of a convenience store tried to flirt with me, and we met the cutest little chocolate labrador puppy who was so excited to meet me, he was beside himself with joy!

I guess word of my rockstardom has spread already because today was more of the same. Even the little dog Bandit, whose family says is so shy she never approaches anyone, came creeping out of her yard as Laura and I approached, ever so quietly, ever so slowly, inching her way towards us to say hello.

I guess my days of quiet, solitary strolls through the park are over.

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