Thursday, July 19, 2007


Part of my job is to remind Laura when it's time to eat.

She gets so caught up in her projects on her computer, sometimes she works for hours and hours and forgets to stop for food. When that happens, it is my job to give her a little nudge. A "hey Laura" poke with my nose or perhaps a little lick on her knee to remind her that it is dinner time.

Well, today, Laura actually remembered to make dinner on her own. She stopped working and turned away from her computer and got to work chopping vegetables. Laura decided to make a very yummy Curry Chicken Salad. Only trouble is, she then got so caught up in creating her salad that she forgot she was supposed to share it with me!

I know I don't need as much food as Laura, and I try not to eat too much people food because you all eat some things that are not very good for you and I want to stay strong and healthy for a long time yet -- but when Laura chops up red peppers, she is supposed to share them with me! Just a little tiny piece. Just a taste. But she forgot!

Laura mixed ALL of the red pepper into her salad. Then she turned and saw me sitting behind her, patiently waiting for my piece. She then had to fish a piece out of the salad for me, now all coated in yummy curry sauce. Hmmmm-mmmmm! (She remembered my piece of onion before tossing that into the salad though, so I didn't get curry sauce on my onion, just my red pepper.)

If you want to know how Laura makes Curry Chicken Salad and other yummy things, check out her new culinary blog. (She's actually posting to that one!)

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