Friday, June 22, 2007

Cherry Picking

Last night Laura was busy making cherry pies.

It was hard to find enough cherries to make the pies because we share our cherry tree with a lot of birds and the birds are greedy and kind of rude too. When I eat a cherry, I make sure to enjoy the whole thing, but the birds take a nibble here, a peck there, and they leave our tree littered with half-eaten, rotting cherries. Yuck!

Fortunately, Laura and I are good cherry pickers, and we found enough cherries for four pies! Laura picked the cherries high up in the tree, because she is taller than me

and I concentrated on the cherries that were lower down

(My head is so low to the ground anyhow, I figure it is my responsibility to collect up the fallen cherries so that Laura doesn't have to stoop down to pick them up. I always try to be helpful in whatever ways I can!)

When Laura had collected all the cherries she could reach from climbing in the tree and from our little step ladder, she went and borrowed the neighbour's extension ladder. It is really big and it scared me, so I went inside while Laura was doing that part, but she found enough cherries for an extra pie from using the tall ladder, so I guess it was worth it.

When my brother Ashton was still alive, I learned that it is good to share things, so, later that evening, when Laura and I went out for our walk, I planted a whole pile of cherry trees on the neighbour's lawn for them. Laura said the neighbours didn't want our cherries, however, (I don't know why. They are VERY yummy cherries.) so she scooped up every last seed and dumped them in a garbage can. Humans are so wasteful.

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