Monday, July 30, 2007

But I'm a CUTE Drooly Monster!

I didn't mean to drool on the furniture, really I didn't. What did you expect though? Laura had apple for her dinner.

Specifically, Laura cut up an apple and put it on her dinner plate, all nice and fresh and appley-smelling. Then she proceded to prepare some other food, which she piled onto the same plate. Then she sat down to eat her dinner right in front of me!

Yes, it's true that I had already eaten my kibble. But I LOVE apples! I love them almost as much as I love peanut butter cookies. Laura knows this and she ALWAYS shares her apples with me!

Well, tonight, she sat down with her plate full of food and a tall glasss of minted lemonade and she proceded to sip her drink and eat all of the other food first!

Laura, you see, is of the inclination to save the best until last.

I am more apt to follow the philosophy, "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow... Well, who really cares what happens tomorrow if today there's feasting and drinking and merriment to be had!"

So there was Laura, saving the best until last. And there was I, sitting ever so quietly and trying oh so hard to be good. But that apple looked SO GOOD! And it smelled... Oh!

Finally it came to be time to enjoy that shiny green apple together. It tasted so yummy and I was so happy that Laura is my friend and shares her apples with me -- but Laura wasn't so impressed that a little puddle of drool was left on the futon after our feasting.

I say it serves her right for making me wait for that apple for so long. (And, I know that Laura secretly loves sharing her apples with me, even when she pretends to be grossed out by the aftermath.)

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