Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Something Good

I know I have written mostly about happy things and then my last post wasn't very happy and probably that was shocking for some people so I wanted to get back to writing about something good. So here it is: a good thing that Laura is participating in:

Laura was recently invited by Alana Lea, a peace artist who she met online while preparing for the Imagine Peace group's celebration of the International Day of Peace last September to join The Peace Portal - a Global Network for Enlightening Peace Activism. The group is still very young, although already there are members from all over the world who are engaged in some very exciting peace-creating projects.

If you are a peace maker who would like to connect with a web-based community of "peace activists, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers and visionaries to share resources for the success of a shared purpose: to Affirm Unity & Declare Peace" then you are welcome to join the Peace Portal.

(If you do join, be sure to say hello to Laura Rainbow Dragon and she'll be happy to add you to her network of friends on the Peace Portal. -- Just tell her Princess Kendal, Wonder Dog sent you!)

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