Saturday, June 16, 2007

Laura Came Back!

Yesterday, Laura went away in the car.
And she didn't take me with her.

I am always sad when Laura goes away, but especially when she goes away in a car because Laura wouldn't drive anyplace unless it was really far. Laura says we should walk everywhere we can because burning fossil fuels in our cars is bad for the planet and it's bad for people too. Me, I like to go for car rides because I am a princess -- but Laura says that princesses have to try extra hard to set a good example for the common people.

I guess Laura must be correct because she is really smart. (Laura even recognized that I am a princess, even when no one else could see the truth!) So I try to be brave and strong and walk with Laura wherever I can. One day, we even walked to Shrewsbury (and back!)! But I digress...

Yesterday Laura went away in the car and didn't take me, so I knew she would be gone a long time.... but she came back late last night! She was really tired and dirty, so I washed the mud off her legs for her.

Laura had been to London to work in our garden. She says it has less green in it now.

That makes me sad.
It makes Laura sad too.
Our home is in an environmentally significant area so Laura has worked hard to maintain the property in accordance with ecologically friendly stewardship practices. Since we don't have a car, these efforts included allowing native plants such as wild red raspberries, violets, enchanter's nightshade and goldenrod to live in our driveway. Now we need to sell the house, however, and Laura says the house will probably sell to someone who owns a car, and those people get upset by the amount of wonderful life in our driveway -- so Laura had to take it all out.

Today our realtor is hosting an open house in our home. Hopefully someone really nice will see our house and our garden and love them as much as we do and buy the propterty. Then Laura and I can find a new place to live! (Right now, I have to stay with my Mum & Dad while we are trying to sell the house, which means that Laura and I cannot be together all the time, which makes me sad.)

Maybe you would like a nice home in London? It is a two bedroom bungalow in Wortley Village with a bright, spacious interior. Laura and I have hosted lots of wonderful feasts in this big room:

so the house has wonderful energy because of all of the good people who have been in it:

and it's in a good neighbourhood. I am sad that we have to leave it. (But maybe it could be a good home for you!)

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