Sunday, October 12, 2008

Out and About

Last weekend Laura went to a concert that was twenty-five kilometres away.
She went there on her bicycle.

"Isn't it great that we live so close to all of these wonderful events now?" Laura said.

I don't know about that. I liked it when we lived in the middle of nowhere so there was nowhere to go and Laura stayed home with me all the time. I mean, I'm sure the concert was fun. My friend Tannis was there. I would have liked to see her. And Katherine. I've never met her, but I like her music. And Wendell was there too. Remember how Ashton wanted to be a cowdog in Wendell's band? Poor Ashton never got to realize that dream, but maybe if I get to meet Wendell someday I could at least tell him what a big fan Ashton was. But twenty-five kilometres is a bit far for me. I mean, I could walk that far, but then I would be too tired to walk home again afterwards. And no way am I getting on one of those scary bicycle things. They look dangerous!

Laura doesn't ride her bicycle everyday though. Some days she stays closer to home, and there are lots of nice places we can walk to together. (Not like the last place we lived where the only places to walk were on the road with the cars or in that marsh with the scary bullfrogs!)

My favourite place to walk here is the woods. It is quiet there, and there are fields full of pretty flowers and a river you can drink from and lots of interesting paths. And no bicycles!

Well, there is that one bicycle that was abandoned, but it doesn't move, and I stay well away from it. Usually it is the only one. But today, when we got to the park, there were two children there, right at the entrance, on a bicycle! Those are the scariest bicycles of all, the ones with children on them, so I suggested to Laura that we enter the park by a different route.

Laura agreed, and I bet she's glad she did because we found lots of new paths to explore today. I even found a secret path that Laura wouldn't have seen if I hadn't shown it to her. It was a really nice path, covered in a thick layer of rich black mud that felt so good between my toes! It led to a babbling brook where I had a nice long drink and a mud bath. Hmm-mmm! That was fun! Also, we saw a deer! I bet we wouldn't have seen a deer in the part of the park where the children were playing on that bicycle.

I want to post some pictures of how pretty our woods are, but Laura keeps forgetting to bring the camera.

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