Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Back

You may not have been following my friend Laura's writing blog lately -- because she's not been too active on it since last November -- but she's back now. And you know why: That frightful NaNoWriMo thing is rearing its ugly head again.

Laura has been planning for almost two months now, scribbling down notes on little pieces of card. She's also been planning to leave me home alone while she goes out and about on the town, meeting up with other NaNo participants in our city. Isn't it bad enough that she spends every waking moment sitting at her computer in November? Does she really need to go out socializing too? (Last year Laura attended "write-ins" online. She didn't need to leave our home to go to them and I got to sit right beside her. This year, however, she says she is going to "real world" write-ins. She says they are better. Humph!)

Anyhow, Laura does as Laura will, and she's doing NaNo again, so I apologize if I don't get much time on the computer in the next month to update my blog!

She did at least take me to my favourite park tonight. We didn't go last weekend, because Laura had a major paper to write for school, but we went tonight once it was nice and quiet. It was dark too, but I didn't mind that. I have a good nose and can sniff out the good paths!

Before the nice park, however, Laura made me go to that puppy park again. She really wants me to be friends with those rambunctious little ankle-biters for some reason. I just don't see the attraction. They are always horsing around. And they poke at my bum. Somebody should teach them better manners! There are nice people in the puppy park though. They stroke my ears and say what a good dog I am, and they tell the puppies not to bother me. I don't mind going to the puppy park so much when I get to visit with my nice human friends there.

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