Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Friend

Hi everybody!

This is just a quick update, because we have limited access to the Internet at the moment, and Laura needs to use it for her work, but I wanted to let you know that we have been exploring in our favourite park again, and Laura finally remembered to bring the camera!

I don't have time to show you all of the pictures today, but I wanted to introduce you to my new friend:

New Friend

This is me and my new friend Tuque.

Laura and I were resting in a quiet place at the water's edge, when Tuque came running through the forest to meet us. I knew right away that she was a nice dog, so I ran straight up to her to say hello.

Tuque didn't bark at me or try to climb on top of me or run into me or do any of those other rude things that some of the dogs Laura wants me to be friends with do, and I wasn't afraid of her at all.

Tuque has her own page on the Web too! You can view it here.
I hope that I will get to play with Tuque again soon!

I will try to post more photos soon.
(If you want a sneak peak, you can view them here.)

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