Tuesday, October 23, 2007

She's At It Again

Laura has started yet another blog!

SL Wrimos Team Blog

This one doesn't even have a title yet! In fact, I'm supposed to ask you all to go there and vote on what you want the title to be. There's not much time left to vote and the four proposed titles for the blog are all still running pretty much neck and neck! (Laura might end up needing to give it four names at this rate!)

Here's a little backgrounder: The blog is a group story being written by members of the SL Wrimos group which takes place entirely within the virtual world of Second Life. It's a bit of crazy fun about avatars in the metaverse, and you can have a say in what their adventures are called.

I just hope Laura will still have some time to play with me with all of this writing she is doing!

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