Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm a Wrimo Widow

National Novel Writing Month is still 27 days away and already I'm a Wrimo Widow!

Have you been keeping up with Laura's blog? She's posting daily now -- all about her crazy plan to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days! She went down to the local library today to find out if she'd be able to work on her novel there next month, and she's set up a new group within Second Life for SL Wrimos. Worst of all, have you read this post? She claims she is going to start hiking 4 miles a day again in November! Somehow she thinks this will be necessary to her success at writing a novel in a month, and you know what Laura's hiking 4 miles per day will mean: It will mean that she intends for me to go with her!

I showed her what I thought of that plan last night by making her chase me twice to get me to put my collar on for our walk. Laura was undeterred, however, I think I may have hit upon a new tactic:

We went to the park for our walk, as per usual, and I found a nice fresh spot on the grass to roll in. I mean really fresh. It was warm and steamy and smelled super. I rolled and I rolled. I rubbed all over both sides of my head and neck on that spot.

Laura was not impressed.

When we got back home, Laura scrubbed my whole body down with one of those stinky cloths. She even scrubbed inside my ears! That was not nice. The upside, however, is that my Mum was even less impressed than Laura. If I can find a nice fresh spot again tonight and bring some more of that wonderful smelly goodness into the house, my Mum might declare that I'm no longer ALLOWED to go for walks with Laura!

It's worth a try.

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