Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Music

Last weekend Laura went away for FOUR DAYS!

That was a long time for Laura to be gone, and I was very sad.

Missing Laura

Then Laura came back home... and I was very tired!

Laura had been to a folk music conference from which she brought home a new CD and she said we had to dance to EVERY SONG because she had promised Tannis that we would.

I'm not sure why Laura's promise obligated me, but I did try my best. I twirled around the kitchen with Laura, and I practiced my yoga, and I let Laura use my rib cage as a drum.

I really like the new slow mix of "My Body Moves" (Laura, of course, likes the fast version), but some of these musicians write dangerous songs. Tannis' new CD, for instance, has a song on it called "My Bike". Laura has one of those scary contraptions out in the garage and, listening to Tannis' song, Laura decided she should get one of those trailers for little people and hitch it to the back of her bike and make me ride in it!

"Then we could ride all over the county!" Laura said.

Don't these musicians know how suggestible Laura is? One song and Laura is full of crazy ideas. And she'll do it too! She'll put me in one of those little tents and drag me around behind that scary contraption of hers goodness knows where! Laura has an unhealthy lack of appreciation for laying about in bed all day.

Take this new CD for instance: Laura danced to EVERY SONG on it! Every song. It's 12 minutes longer than Tannis' last CD but Laura still danced for the whole thing.

I think maybe Laura was trying to prove to herself that she's not OLD because she went to this conference where people party and there is cool music until 4:00 a.m. every night -- and lots of performers who Laura knows and loves were there performing in these late night gigs -- and Laura left at 11:30 every night and went back to our friend Pam's house and slept!

Well, I'm not worried about that. I like my beauty sleep and I'm not afraid to admit it. I like Tannis' music, but I'm glad there was a safe place I could lie down and listen to it nice and quietly while Laura was spinning around.


Laura is too tall to dance under here!

Laura is too tall to dance under here!

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