Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Garden Guard

Garden Guard

This is a picture of me on guard duty. I am guarding our back patio garden from rodent invaders.

Last night while I was sleeping, a dastardly squirrel infiltrated our garden and stole several jalapeño peppers and one crimson hot pepper. He chewed right through the crimson hot too, leaving only a small bit of flesh behind. I hope that squirrel's insides are a burning!

As you can see in the window beside me, we have to keep most of our plants inside to protect them from the squirrels,

Herb Garden

but Laura figured hot peppers, of all things, would be safe outside. I guess the rodents in these parts are made of stronger metal than we'd given them credit for.

That plant you can see down in front (in the top picture) in its own pot is a habañero.


It doesn't have any fruit on it yet, but Laura says to give it a few more weeks. Then we'll see if those dastardly squirrels dare do battle with our habañero.


Diane Girard said...

Dear PK

You are very brave. I hope you are not tempted to eat any of the hot things. They are not good for you.
Scold your mistress when she returns.


Falcata Times said...

I used to have a squirrel who ate Nestle Clusters. He was a Red Squirrel named Eric.

Michelle Muto said...

Good girl! Just don't eat the plants.