Monday, May 5, 2008

Gone to the Birds

This weekend was all about the birds.

Laura filled up all of the bird feeders in our yard. She put out sunflower seeds and peanuts (I ate the ones that fell on the ground!) and raisins and corn, and small seeds for the little finches, and she nailed half of a fresh orange onto our cherry tree and half to our rowan tree. The birds had a major feast.

Birds sure can eat, I can tell you that! By the end of the day, they had consumed an enormous amount of food, but we got lots of pretty pictures.

We had three Baltimore Orioles come to visit:
Baltimore Oriole
Baltimore Oriole

This one had his head in the clouds:
Head in the Clouds

Clouds of cherry blossoms, that is. The orioles love our cherry tree:

They also loved the orange that Laura put out for them:
Baltimore Oriole
Baltimore Oriole

This rose-breasted grosbeak came to our finch feeder:
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

and this downy woodpecker came to our suet box feeder:

Laura is sad because the birds love the suet box feeder and the old log that my Dad put out for them, but so far nobody has come to the suet feeder she made for them. This weekend she moved it onto a tree which we know the woodpeckers like, so hopefully they will notice it now. I think it is a very fine feeder. I would lick the suet out of it if I could reach up that high!

The suet-eaters may not appreciate Laura's work, but the cardinals loved the niger seed she put out for them on our tray feeder:

Laura got lots of great photos of this little guy:

We also saw a lady goldfinch:
Female American Goldfinch

a boy goldfinch:
Male American Goldfinch

a red-breasted nuthatch:
Red-Breasted Nuthatch
(they like to eat upside down!)

mourning doves:
Mourning Dove

white-crowned sparrows:
White-Crowned Sparrow

and a chipping sparrow:
Chipping Sparrow

My Dad took this very special photo of a hummingbird:
You almost never see them sitting still -- even when they are eating they are still flying -- but this one perched on one of our oranges for a drink and let my Dad get a nice picture.

I like bird-watching because you have to sit very still and try not to move at all and we don't even have to leave our own yard to see lots of pretty birds.

At the end of a nice, peaceful day, this cute white-throated sparrow sat out in our yard with us to watch the sunset:
White-Throated Sparrow

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