Friday, August 10, 2007

Rain Dancing

Yesterday, Laura made me go for a walk in the rain.

This isn't unusual.

Laura likes rain, and we have had some awfully hot weather lately, and somedays the only times it's been cool enough to go for a walk have been when it was raining. I can appreciate that, and, while I'm not as wild about being wet as Laura is, I don't much mind a gentle mist to keep me cool on a summer's day. Sometimes Laura can go a bit overboard though.

Take last Thursday, for instance:

The sky had been making loud grumbly noises for quite some time, and Laura was very excited.

"Rains-a-coming," she said, gleefully.

Sure enough, the rains did come:

Laura took off her shoes so she could dance in the rain:

I danced with her for a little while, but it was raining VERY HARD!

The rain did help to cool us off.

And it made everything smell so good:

But I prefered to watch Laura dance from the safety of our covered porch:

So I shook myself dry:

Come on Laura! It's time to go in now.

Okay Laura. Very funny. Let me in now please.

All too soon, the rain dancing fun ended -- but I still had fun inside with my towel!

(Sometimes you have to pose in these silly outfits to amuse your human.)

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