Friday, August 17, 2007

Free Stuff

I wrote in my last post about how Laura tried to give so much stuff away that the men who came to collect it couldn't fit it all into their truck. What they couldn't take with them, they left out on our lawn so that other people could see it and take what they want. There is some pretty good stuff out there.

Our two big arm chairs, for instance. When the men didn't take those away, I thought that maybe Laura and I could have them back. I love those arm chairs. Whenever Laura has to go out without me, I know that she misses me. When she comes home again, I always sit with her in one of those big chairs so she will know that I missed her too. Also, when my friend Claire comes to visit me, I sit with her in one of those chairs, so that she will know how happy I am to see her. I haven't seen Claire in a really long time, but Laura says that one day she will visit us again, and now, where will we sit?

Laura says we cannot take the chairs back though. They are for someone else now. Maybe they could even be for you!

Would you like a nice comfy arm chair? (One is even a rocking chair!) They are big chairs, so a puppy and her human friend could sit together in one! Plus, they are FREE! You can come by our house and just take them! (If you wanted to pay it forward, you could make a donation for them to a charity that you think is important.)

Our big coffee table is out there too. That coffee table has lots of wonderful energy in it because Laura has served many many feasts to good people around that table. I hope that a good person (with a big room, because it is BIG) will come and take it so it can continue its work of making people happy!

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