Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Princess

I love the winter time.

Winter Wonderland

It is so much fun to play in the snow.

Snow Play

Especially when there is lots and lots of it, and you can bury your whole face in it.

Dive Right In

Snow feels so soft and cool on your face.

But not everybody loves snow. When I look around, I see people griping and complaining about it.

Looking Around

That makes me sad. If people were always saying mean things about me like they say about snow, I would be sad and run away. I don't want my snow to run away! So everyday I make sure to tell it how much I love it with a big hug.

Snow Hugging

And a kiss.

Snow Kissing

A french kiss!

Snowy French Kiss

(Tee hee!)

I was worried back in December because our snow was so shy about coming out to play. We would have just the barest whisper come and visit us, and then it would run away again. But I made sure to run all over the yard every day and tell that snow how much I love it. And it worked! Now lots and lots of snow has come to play with me and we frolic and have fun every day!

Having Fun

If you have snow visiting you where you live, I hope you remember to appreciate it and to have fun!

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