Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesterday Laura and I went to visit our friends on Catherine Street.

I don't 100% like going to visit them because the people there are always poking and prodding me, and sometimes there are dogs there who are very rude and sniff at my bum! But it's a good place to get treats, so it's not all bad.

Yesterday, my friend Barb came out to see me as soon as I arrived. She didn't poke at me at all. She just wanted me to stand on this black platform. Then she gave me two treats because she likes me!

Then Laura and I went into the small room, and my friend Trevor came in to see me. He poked and prodded me all over, and then he stuck a needle in my bum! I didn't think that was very nice, but I didn't say anything because I am a brave princess. Anyhow, I think Trevor felt bad about the needle, because then he gave me a treat to apologize. And then, because I was so good, he gave me another one.

Then, after Trevor left, my friend Dana came in to visit me. She poked at my bum too. She kept poking and poking. I tried to sit down to make her stop, but Laura wouldn't let me. (Laura really wasn't very nice to me on that trip. She is supposed to be my best friend! She is supposed to protect my bum from other people and dogs!) Anyhow... when Dana was finally done poking at my bum, she gave me a treat. So I decided to forgive her. Then she gave me another treat because I am so cute!

So, all in all, six treats was not a bad visit. And afterwards, my bum really did feel better, so I decided to forgive Laura too (even though she didn't give me any treats!)

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