Sunday, April 19, 2009

House Rules

One thing I don't like about visiting is that some people have funny house rules.

Like at my Mum and Dad's house: They have a really big room with all sorts of comfy furniture in it -- but they only let humans sit on the furniture! What is up with that? Also, my Mum keeps most of the beds in secret rooms behind closed doors. Only my Dad lets me go in his bedroom, but his bed is really tall, and I cannot jump that high.

There is one room, however, in which Laura and I usually stay when we visit. That room is supposed to have my bed in it. But ever since Laura moved our big red bed to our new home, it's been hard to find a place to sleep in my Mum and Dad's house, even in our old room.

Not Much Room

Hmph! Laura didn't leave much room up here for me. I don't know why all of her bags need to be on this sofa.

I Did It!

Hah! I made a spot for me!


Shh! Don't tell anyone I'm up here!

Someone's Coming

Uh-oh. Someone's coming.

Feigning Sleep

If I pretend to be asleep, maybe they won't make me get down.

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